100 Whores

by Mykola Dementiuk
edited by Sally Miller

“100 Whores” documents Mykola Dementiuk’s trysts with New York City street hookers during the 1960s and 70s in vignettes of one or two pages. Other stories in the anthology include five short whore stories plus “The Christmas Whore,” a novella with an O. Henry ending. These additional stories come from the author’s experience and psycho-sexual imagination, and we can live vicariously because of his realistic portrayals of the seedy side of Manhattan.

100 Whores exemplifies man’s base instinctual drive to spread his seed, the complete antithesis of modern monogamous marriage, both untenable extremes… over the long term.

Anger and degradation ride alongside raw sex and occasional love.

100 Whores: Memories of a John and other whoreporn, trade paper, 242 pages, 5.5″ x 8.5″
ISBN: 0-9758581-8-1
$25 postpaid

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Goin’ Out Honey? • Cruising The Streets of 60’s/70’s Manhattan for Cheap Ho’s with Mykola Dementiuk in His Latest 100 Whores – Memories of A John

Review by Bryan Kuntz (NYCDreamin) from This Ain’t the Summer of Love

Congrats to our friend – author and fellow NYC history buff Mykola Dementiuk who has just had another book published by Synergy Press.

Award winning adult fantasy and subjects author Mykola (Mick) Dementiuk returns this month with his latest publication from Synergy Press, 100 Whores: Memories of a John, a collection of short stories detailing the sordid and sleazy underworld of street-hookers and the customers (the “johns”) who patronized them in 1960’s and 70’s era Manhattan.

It was a place and time when sex and kinks of any kind of description or variety were available for those who were willing to pay the going rate, much like today. But times were bit different then. If you had $10 or $20 for the girl and another few dollars to get a room, just about what ever your horned-up mind could think of could be yours. But sometimes, you might get much more than you bargained for. Or maybe less. Or maybe just ripped off.

And there were just so many of these girls working the streets! All day he’d see them passing by, looking for the guys, some like himself, who were single and out looking for a good time, others who were looking to live out fantasies their wives or girlfriends might not indulge them in. God, the women! Young ones, some who were WAY too young, some who’d been on the streets only for a few days. Older, experienced women who’d been at it a bit too long maybe. Beautiful girls, ugly girls. A lot of girls who were, upon closer inspection, not really girls at all. Boozer chicks and doped-out junkie girls. And most of them would do whatever you wanted if you just had the money. There wasn’t a lot of love for most of these girls, who by the time they hit the streets had become a nameless, almost faceless parade of mostly-affordable and easily attainable jizz receptacles.

Mick was young, (usually) had a job, and he had the money. Or he’d get it and come back. For the first 123 pages, he details, in short 1 – 2 page stories, the “100 Whores,” each story a memory of an encounter with one of the working girls of 60’s/70’s Manhattan. Times Square was an obvious area where you might go to find whores in those days, but there was another area, further south, down on 3rd and 4th Avenues near 13th Street and the surrounding areas that the majority of these stories of Mick’s adventures take place in. It was an area where old, cheap, run-down motels were abundant in those pre-gentrification days. The guy running the front desk sure didn’t give a fuck what you were getting up to…and he wasn’t stupid, either.

There are also tales of kinky, anonymous sexual encounters that take place in the now hard to imagine adult XXX theatres that used to be so prevalent in New York in those “sexual revolution” days. The pimps and other various shady characters of questionable stability and mentality were always nearby, threatening and disturbing much of the time.

As Mick states in the introduction to the book, “I was there when the whores were everywhere – the pimps, the johns, the winos, the alcoholics, the drug addicts – until you get a headache just thinking about it. Well the headaches are gone, the area is a much different place, but I still miss those days and events, no matter how crazy or dangerous they were…”

The second half of the book is given over to six short stories, with titles including “The Dildo”, “The Trouble With Girls”, “Cry, Baby”, “Girlfriends”, “The Girl On The Cardboard”, and “Christmas Whore”, each detailing stories of a similar vein to those found in the “100 Whores” section of the book. A woman teasing men in adult bookstores, she-pimps enslaving and selling the services of T.V. boys in 42nd Street prorno theatres, brutal butch lesbians selling the services of beaten and bruised submissive girls who will fuck you on a piece of dirty cardboard in plain view of everyone in the park for just a few dollars. A pair of young girls who find themselves in a twisted sexual encounter involving strangers in a dirty bathroom in another squalid porno theatre – a scene described in so much detail that you can almost smell the piss and amyl nitrate poppers.

All these scenarios and more like them play out in the second half of the book. Definitely not reading for those with a “vanilla” sexual view of the world. “100 Whores” will be most enjoyed by those who are a bit more adventurous, have a bit more of an open mind and are curious concerning adult behaviours and activities that were so commonplace in the very different, now legendary time and place that was the sex-for-sale world of anything goes free-for-all in 1960’s and 70’s era New York City.

Excitement • 5 Stars
Reviewed by Carol Hoyer, PhD

Once again Mykola Dementiuk has brought us into a world unbeknownst to many. How is it that one man can go into the inner world of NY and pick up individuals in bars, bathrooms and theaters? What drives a person to do this? In this realistic, easy-to-read, and thought-provoking book the author shares his experiences as to what it is to live on the streets, with no place to call his own and dealing with individuals who just want to have sex, a good time, or to beat you up.

Readers will love the honesty and saying it “like it is” on the streets. You will explore his mind, thoughts, and behaviors. Some of this may disgust some readers, but reality is what it is. The passion and vivid descriptions with which Mick writes puts you in the driver’s seat. What would you do?

Where does it begin? Where does it stop, if it does? Mick is honest, direct and underlying it all asks readers to look at this lifestyle and what individuals go through. Attention, love, and caring is all we ever want, regardless of who we are. How far will one go to get this?

As a psychologist, I found this book to be very informative and intense. This is a book among others from the author that I have discussed in my psychology classes (college). We need to be informed what goes through the minds of individuals and yet at the same time, not discriminate. Read this book as it will open your eyes and hopefully your heart.